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The Janneh Family

This is the Janneh family. They're based in Kenema/ Sierra Leone. They are dedicated to helping the least fortunate  people in Sierra Leone. They would gather up some food produce, clothing, shoes, and female hygiene products to ship to Sierra Leone every few months.  

Due to the number of people living without life's basic necessities, they're reaching out to anyone and everyone who would like to support and donate. 

Nothing is too small or too old. Their son Sheiku Janneh lives in Maryland. He buys the produces and collects the donations.

$50 can feed a family of 4 for a week, and $3 can feed a kid for a day. No amount is too small. Thank you and I pray God give you ten times your donations. - Santos (Founder of Salone232)

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa
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